For Rigoni di Asiago, organic production has always been a mission. The company aims to preserve and maintain intact the flavours of the past, respect the environment, and maintain a strong relationship with its local region and traditions.

All the fruit and raw ingredients used in our products come exclusively from organic farming. A very high standard, guaranteed by strict controls and certifications. Product packaging is completely recyclable, designed to ensure the total recovery of each component.

In addition, the company actively supports and participates in various sports and cultural initiatives, locally and beyond.


Choosing organic means to undertake a journey towards sustainable development, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of production, limiting the consumption of fossil fuel and avoiding the intensive use of land and water.

The investments made in this sense testify to Rigoni di Asiago’s commitment: the production facilities include a cogeneration plant, capable of generating simultaneously electricity and heat, reducing the fuel consumption by 50%.

The entire production operates with low power consumption: all the energy used is from renewable sources (wind), and the water used is recirculated only after being treated and purified. A photovoltaic system has been installed at the Albaredo d’Adige plant. In addition, the Carbon Footprint study was carried out to measure the carbon footprint of the entire life cycle of 3 representative products, analysing supply of resources, processing and distribution, usage and end-of-life for each.


Rigoni di Asiago guarantees an ethical approach to work and rejects any form of discrimination. The company believes strongly in respecting and valuing each individual employee.

Internal training courses are offered to staff, and dialogue with senior management is ongoing.

In terms of safety and health, too, maximum care and all appropriate workplace equipment are guaranteed.


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