Only organic products, for 100 years

Rigoni di Asiago's story is a simple one, a story about passion, love for nature and a deep connection with its place of origin. The company has always chosen to work with high-quality organic ingredients to offer products that are good for people and fair for the environment. To its traditional production of honey, in time Rigoni di Asiago has successfully added Fiordifrutta, Dolcedì, Nocciolata and Tantifrutti. High-quality products that have won over millions of families, in Italy and, in the last few years, in the world as well. A success determined by the love for the environment, by a brand that works in nature and with nature. Choosing organic without compromise means believing in a better, sustainable future for today's consumers and for the generations of tomorrow. A constant commitment, a path that Rigoni di Asiago has chosen many years ago.


1923 Thanks to Nonna Elisa's passion, the production of honey begins. It's the start of a great adventure.


1979 The company grows and starts diversifying by selling other products as well.


1990 Opening of the new production plant on the Asiago Plateau.
1992 All products are certified organic.
1996 Fiordifrutta is born.


2005 Opening of the new logistics centre near Verona.
2006 Fiordifrutta becomes a market leader (Nielsen data).
2008 Nocciolata and Dolcedì are born.
2009 After the US branch, the French branch opens.
2014 – 2016 Tantifrutti, Nocciolata Senza Latte and DolceHerbe are born.
2017 Launch of the new production line dedicated to Nocciolata in Albaredo d'Adige (Verona).
2018 Nocciolata Bianca is born.

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